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Taylor Amaio Fletcher

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"Always Building Something"

Growing up in central Connecticut, my love of building came from my father, a computer programmer before anyone had computers in their homes. He spent his weekends fixing up our old house and always had me by his side as his assistant. My love of antiques, crafting, and "recreating" came from my mother. She was alway busy with a small creative projects like sewing, knitting, decoupaging.....she loved taking the old and making it new. And my memories include that little box kitchen TV always being tuned to a crafting show.

My love of all things creative growing up led to my attending Montserrat College of Art, after a few years of traveling through Europe and the US, where I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting.  I went on to obtain a Masters in Education from Lesley University, Cambridge MA  in 2005 with a focus on Creative Arts in Learning. This is still a passion of mine and I love teaching and working with arts non-profits. 

A joke with me and my family and friends is that I'm "always building something". Whether it be a new table, or a new room, a swing set, or even, my favorite, a sandwich, if their is something to be transform and improved for function or form I'm on it! And I love taking what is in my brain and using my hands to make it happen. 


I live with and work in the Seacoast NH area with my blended little family that includes 4 kids, 3 cats and 4 dogs. And every Mother's Day they gift me a new tool for my workshop! :-)

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Taylor Fletcher

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