Stay Present. Experience It.

The Art of the Moment (and what that means for you).

People always think to hire a photographer for weddings, pregnancy, newborns, and posed family shots in preparation of holiday cards...The vision for our photography business model is something different. We want to offer professional photography with a simple and easy pricing structure for events that perhaps people wouldn't normally think to hire a professional photographer. Interesting idea? Here's why it’s a great idea:

In the age of cameras on our phones, we see a few things happening as a result. First, everyone is behind their screens. And when we are behind our screens, even if it's to be taking photos, we are losing the experience of what is happening around us and we become only really present to the experience of taking photos. We do not make real memories by taking the time to capture it on camera.

study published in Psychological Science called this the“photo-taking impairment effect”.
“When people rely on technology to remember for them — counting on the camera to record the event and thus not needing to attend to it fully themselves — it can have a negative impact on how well they remember their experiences,” Linda Henkel of Fairfield University explained. 

We create lasting memories by experiencing things with all of our senses. The way people look, the smell of the air that day, the taste of the cake, the heat of the sun…

Another phenomenon that we see happen so often is that the person who is behind the camera is rarely in any of the photos from the day or the event. We find many times it's moms, of course. She is so busy but wanting to make sure memories get captured for her and for her family. What if someone else could do that job for her? What if someone else could actually capture a sweet moment with her and her newly one year old on their first birthday? Or capture her relaxed and beaming with pride at her graduate as they joke around together at a party.  What if she could soak it all in instead of adding to her to-do list for that special day?

And finally, the rare case, when what you are experiencing is so great that you never had the time or even the thought to step out of the moment to take any pictures. The magical day went by. You are so happy that you stayed fully present. You have your memories, but maybe you are wishing you had a few photos too.

That is where we want to come in. First birthdays, block parties, sweet 16's, anniversaries, engagement dinners, graduations parties, retirement parties, christenings....Maybe your family loves to hike together, or go to the beach together, or maybe you have a silly family tradition that has never really been memorialized.  

You name it. Avelon Art & photography will capture it. And you can stay present, experience it, and have your memories, in all forms,  forever.